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Migrating from TFVC to Git (for large repositories)

For a very long time, your team has used TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) to store its source code. You were perfectly happy with it. However, some things were a burden, namely branches. And you remember the time when someone did a baseless merge and it takes four days to set things right. Plus, you’ve heard of feature branches, of the Git Flow branch model and you want to try it. So, you decided to switch from TFVC to Git. But how can it be done, knowing that you want to keep the whole history, that you have actually...

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A reverse proxy with IIS and URL Rewrite

I recently had to install and configure a reverse proxy using IIS and the URL rewrite extension. At first glance it seemed a pretty straight forward task to set up target location for the redirection, but it turned out not being as simple as that. Step 1: understanding what URL rewrite do URL rewrite is an IIS extension that can be downloaded here: Basically, it allows the rewriting of any URI on the fly (hence the name) in both directions (inbound and outbound). As such, it is a great tool for a reverse proxy, when all you want...

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Cellenza défend un pacte social différent et bienveillant à l’égard de ses salariés.
L’individu, son bien-être, sa progression technologique et sociale, sont au centre des préoccupations de la société.


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DevOps ❤️ Containers

Découvrez comment déployer un site .NetCore Sous Docker dans AKS et App Service For Containers avec VSTS !
Vous faites quoi le 29 Mai ? Matinale Cellenza - Serverless, microservices, containers...