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21 June 2022
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Cellenza’s Five Core Values

Our five values represent who we are and what we believe in, which is why all our employees are committed to implementing them in their everyday work. Discover them!

Cellenza Core values

Since its foundation in 2011, Cellenza has implemented a different corporate model based on core values. These principles guide our interactions with our entire ecosystem: customers, partners, suppliers, Cellenzans, job applicants, etc.

These five values represent who we are and what we believe in, which is why all our employees are committed to implementing them in their everyday work.

Excellence, pragmatism, benevolence, sharing, and courage: these five values are at the heart of our consultancy,” explains Nikolina Tihtcheva, Cellenza’s Director of Human Resources. “All of our Cellenzans follow them, proving that they are truly ingrained in our DNA. We put them into action every day, in all of our activities. These values define and unify us.”


Strive for Excellence

We continually strive for maximum quality and commitment in all our interactions with our ecosystem.


Cellenza’s name comes from the Italian word for excellence, “Eccellenza.” So it is no surprise that this is one of our corporate values! This quest for excellence is seen on a daily basis, most notably in the high quality of our work with our customers. We provide tailor-made, innovative, long-term, and reliable solutions.


Our quest for excellence is also reflected in our desire to have our technical expertise recognized by our partners. Thus, Cellenza is a Microsoft Gold Partner for the tenth year in a row, with six gold skills, three silver skills, and three Microsoft advanced specializations. In particular, Cellenza is the first French Microsoft partner to gain the advanced specialization in AI & Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure. Our Cellenzans also include two of the very first French Databricks Champions!


Share with Others


We share our knowledge, challenges, requirements, limitations, successes, and failures with our stakeholders. We feel that this approach is mutually rewarding and beneficial.


Sharing has always been a part of our DNA since the beginning of our consultancy. Cellenza experts share their knowledge, expertise, and feedback in various publications throughout the year.

Our technical blog, with all posts written by our consultants, is an authority within the Microsoft ecosystem: developers, IT experts, and decision-makers can find a wealth of technical and strategic information on a variety of topics (cloud, data/AI, digital factories, containers, etc.).

We also publish several white papers and videos each year. We regularly organize technical events and webinars that are accessible to everyone and free of charge. They demonstrate our determination to share our expertise as widely as possible.



Pursue Pragmatism


We are committed to providing real, effective solutions that are tailored to the situations we may face in our interactions with all of our stakeholders.


Pragmatism is a mindset that focuses on practical action and adapts to any scenario. It is also one of Cellenza’s values. On a daily basis, our Cellenzans demonstrate this by systematically seeking solutions to issues and problems. We focus on providing our clients with functional, actionable, and practical solutions to meet their needs and move projects forward efficiently and sustainably.



Be Benevolent


We cultivate and maintain healthy, balanced relationships that are mutually beneficial to all our stakeholders and are compassionate and considerate.


Cellenza’s business model is based on benevolence. We firmly believe that respect for others and their well-being are the keys to a company’s success. This is why we endeavor to be kind in all our internal and external interactions.

There are many examples of our benevolence in the workplace. For example, each of our Cellenzans has the right to make a mistake: managers provide their teams with constructive and helpful feedback, so they can improve and not repeat their mistakes. There is a genuine spirit of mutual support among the Cellenzans, who share their knowledge and experience with others.

We also establish trusting and mutually respectful relationships with our clients. We adapt to their problems and maintain a healthy relationship with them.




Dare To Be Bold



We dare to think and act outside the box, acknowledging that failure is a necessary part of the journey to success.


At Cellenza, we believe there can be no innovation without courage. Our employees are strongly encouraged to use their initiative, whether in the context of internal projects or when creating new service offers. Read our post on intrapreneurship at Cellenza to learn more about this topic.

We also aim to provide our customers with relevant and appropriate solutions to their needs through innovative proposals. This boldness sets us apart and makes us an IT consultancy renowned for its technical expertise.



Do You Want To Be a Part of Cellenza?


Are you a consultant or looking to become one? Do you want to work for a different kind of IT consultancy, known for its high level of expertise and its corporate model? Cellenza is the place for you!


Find all our job openings on Cellenza’s Careers page, or you can email us a speculative application!







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