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With the rise of smartphones, companies have had to adapt and deliver solutions tailored to their users’ new habits. One of these technological innovations is the development of mobile applications. Cellenza’s mobile experts help their clients create and develop their applications using various solutions: Xamarin, MAUI, Progressive Web Application (PWA), Kotlin, Swift, Flutter. Which technology is suitable for your needs? How to develop your application? How to ensure the security of your mobile application? Our experts share their know-how in this content series and provide specific case studies to help you get to grips with this topic.

Hybrid applications

Hybrid Applications

There are more and more platforms between the PC, the web, smartphones, and various connected objects within the application ecosystem....
Kotlin is the Java ?

Is Kotlin the New Java?

Kotlin is an object-oriented and functional programming language primarily developed by JetBrains. Designed to be compiled for the Java virtual...
Receive the best of Cloud, DevOps and IT news.
Receive the best of Cloud, DevOps and IT news.