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Manon Senechal
21 June 2022
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As a Recruiter, Why Did I Take Microsoft Certifications?

As a Recruiter, Why Did I Take Microsoft Certifications

Manon Sénéchal has worked for Cellenza as a Talent Acquisition Specialist since 2019. She seeks to attract new talent and encourage them to join our consultancy on a daily basis. Manon completed (and passed!) three Microsoft technical certifications in 2021. Today, she tells us why IT recruiters need to take certifications you might think are only for IT professionals.

I was introduced to the Microsoft world, and Azure in particular, when I joined Cellenza. I already had solid professional experience but in a different field to IT recruitment. So, I put a lot of effort into learning about this new ecosystem for myself.

I am in charge of recruiting new consultants within the HR team. Data architects, front-end developers, digital consultants, Azure architects, etc. Diverse profiles but all with one thing in common: a high level of technical expertise.


Why Take Azure Certifications?

Microsoft certifications are a valuable asset for IT professionals: they guarantee proven expertise and are a key element for their career progression. Cellenza encourages its consultants to take technical certifications throughout the year. Our consultancy provides them with a wealth of resources (time, teaching materials, funding for training courses and certification vouchers, etc.) to help them develop their skills. But I quickly discovered that technical certifications are also a major asset for an IT recruiter: it is essential to master the technical subjects and understand the tools that the profiles we’re searching for use every day. That is why I decided to take several certifications in 2021.

I started my Microsoft journey with the AZ-900 certification to give me an overview of available Azure services. On the course, I learned about the concept of the cloud, the basics of Microsoft Azure services, security, and other topics. I then took the DP-900 certification to learn more about the basic principles of Microsoft Azure data and how a data platform operates. Finally, I obtained the AI-900 certification to master the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure AI (artificial intelligence).


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What Have Azure Certifications Given Me?


I now have a solid foundation in Azure with these three certifications, especially for a recruiter!

I’ve gained a deeper understanding of the Azure environment that our candidates know so well. Since I am more knowledgeable about the technical aspects of their field, I am more confident in our interactions.

This grasp of the issues surrounding the cloud, data, and artificial intelligence has given me credibility. It is easier to talk to candidates now that I understand their technological environment that much better.

I have noticed a shift in my attitude towards my job since completing the three certifications. There is a distinct difference between before and after! All IT recruiters should take the time to get certified. It genuinely adds value, both in your daily work and in terms of personal enrichment.



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A Microsoft-Certified Recruiter – What Are the Benefits for Job Applicants?


The benefits of Azure certification are not just evident for recruiters. I instantly saw a difference in my regular interactions with candidates. The fact that I understand the basics of their area of expertise creates a bond of trust straight away. They know we speak the same language and that there won’t be any misunderstandings about the position, the duties or the challenges, etc.

Having certified recruiters also ensures a successful recruitment process for them. It’s a win-win situation!


Would You Like to Join Cellenza?


Do you enjoy new challenges and fancy joining a renowned IT consultancy with a unique business model? Manon Sénéchal and the rest of our recruitment team look forward to hearing from you! Let’s discuss your projects together!

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