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Edouard Lelong
8 February 2021
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8 Reasons to Get Microsoft Azure Certified

8 reasons to get Microsoft Azure Certification

You will see massive changes throughout your career as an IT professional. Some will only affect part of your work initially. Others will completely transform your business.

Your employers and clients rely on you to stay one step ahead of the technological curve to stay competitive. What if they tell you they are thinking about migrating to the cloud? What if they present you with a problem and ask you to find a solution?

Whatever the scenario, you can be sure that the skills you bring will be crucial at many different levels.

An organization’s success depends on its ability to evolve and implement new technologies, so training and certifications are essential foundations for acquiring and proving your skill and expertise.

For this reason, getting certified in Microsoft technologies, and particularly in Cloud Azure, will prove beneficial in many ways.


#1 Be Recognized as a Leader in the IT Sector

Companies rely on Microsoft technologies and services to maintain their applications and other critical processes. They use twice as many Microsoft solutions as those from its main competitor. Professionals qualified in Microsoft technologies that have Microsoft certifications to prove their ability to work in a cutting-edge digital company are in high demand.


#2 A Solid Knowledge Base

Microsoft has created three certification types. Each one assesses different aspects of using the technology to solve business problems. The Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification builds and verifies your understanding of the technologies used by companies.

Microsoft certifications are some of the most popular certifications held by technical professionals worldwide: they consolidate the essential skills that professionals need today and further develop those required skills to fulfill operational roles. Azure training courses and certifications are kept up to date with market and sector requirements.


#3 Find Your Dream Job

In an ever-changing technology environment, adding a Microsoft certification to your CV helps you stand out from your rivals and gives you the edge you need to land your next job. Nineteen percent of IT professionals say certification has helped them find a new job.

A Microsoft certification is proof of your technical expertise and ability to evolve in a high-tech environment, both major assets highly valued by IT decision-makers.


#4 A Pay Rise

Are you looking for ways to increase your salary?

Approximately 35% of technical professionals say that getting certified resulted in an increase in their pay, and 26% were promoted2. Estimates indicate that certified IT professionals are promoted twice as quickly as their non-certified peers.

Getting certified can therefore boost your career!


#5 Develop a Culture of Excellence

Research shows that individuals with certifications believe that a desire to learn and teaching are all it takes to learn new technology tools. Ninety-one percent of them are confident they can acquire new skills, even complex ones.  A state of mind and self-confidence that translate into solid resilience and increased value in a rapidly changing market.


#6 New Momentum For Your Career

Gaining a Microsoft certification is an opportunity to progress your career to a new level. Certification is concrete proof of your skills and ability to adopt new technologies.

For example, a Microsoft certification could be an opportunity to position yourself in the ever-growing cloud market: Microsoft Azure represents 17% of the global cloud market and is growing rapidly.

With Microsoft’s role-based certifications, more attractive and exciting careers await!


#7 Take Advantage of a New Career Opportunity

Cloud skills are increasingly in demand.

It is estimated that more than three quarters of organizations are planning to invest in cloud computing. A figure that is rising every year. Fifty-eight percent of IT departments worldwide state that Microsoft Azure is a significant part of increased investment in the cloud.

Getting your Microsoft Azure certification guarantees you are in a position to benefit from this opportunity for growth.


#8 Employer Recognition

Obtaining a certification can help you stand out. Ninety-three percent of decision-makers recognize that certified employees add value to the company that outweighs the certification cost.

Being certified helps you fill in gaps in your knowledge and better meet your clients’ needs. Certified individuals are more productive and complete projects faster than their uncertified colleagues.


The Trainer, the Key to Your Success

As a Cloud Microsoft Azure specialist, Cellenza Training offers various training courses to help you develop your skills easily and get your expertise recognized through Microsoft certifications. With its dual role of Partner Consultant and Microsoft Certified Training body, Cellenza Training provides you with its best experts to deliver maximum knowledge and understanding.

Being certified and regularly updating your skills have become an integral part of IT roles. Its ambitious Cloud Azure training program has made Microsoft a leading cloud provider for this environment. Microsoft’s training courses and certifications will prepare you for the increasingly important strategic roles involved in managing the Azure platform.


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