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Chéryl Chauvin
4 May 2021
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How To Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam

How To Prepare for the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam

As a training organization, we are often asked if certification is necessary. Although it is not a requirement or a guarantee, certification gives you a definite edge when it comes to landing that job in IT. Have a read of our 8 Reasons To Get Microsoft Azure Certified to find out more about how certification can be useful and its benefits.

Nowadays, the issue is not why but how you can prepare and stack the odds in your favor for gaining your Azure certification.

Here at Cellenza, we believe in the importance of training and certification. The proof: over 95% of our consultants are Microsoft Azure certified! We provide a host of assets and best practices to help them prepare for their certification exams. Today, we’re going to share them with you to maximize your success!


Passing exams requires the right strategy and excellent preparation. It’s no secret: training needs study.


How to Choose the Right Exam and Azure Certification


First of all, make sure you choose the certification path with the best exam for you. Microsoft has created role-based paths to help you find the right certification.

Select the exam that fits you best based on:

  • your existing skills
  • your career
  • your ultimate goal


Browse through the Microsoft certification exams on the Microsoft site to find the appropriate certification for you.


parcours de certification Microsoft

Diagram updated in December 2021 with the latest Microsoft developments.



Start With the Fundamentals

If you are not sure which training course to take first, we recommend starting with the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals course. It will give you an understanding of cloud concepts and introduce you to the Azure Knowledge Base, an essential tool for more in-depth learning later on.

You can also take the Microsoft Azure Administration (AZ-104) course. This is the common foundation for Security, Architecture, and DevOps specializations. If you want to learn the basics of Azure, this is the course you need!

If you are a developer working in the Azure cloud, you can take the AZ-204 “Azure Developer Associate” certification. Training course AZ-204 helps you prepare for this certification!


Find Out What’s In the Exam

Once you have selected your exam, carefully read through the list of skills required to pass it. Microsoft lists the “Skills Measured” when you take each exam. This list is usually quite specific and will help you structure your preparation. There are also training courses and lessons available to help you prepare.


Resources to Help You Prepare for Certification:

There are plenty of materials and resources to help you prepare for your exam.

In particular, you can:

  • Understand the exam format and the type of questions asked. This will make it easier for you to answer them. For example, you could use this list.
  • Take free, practical courses on Microsoft Learn. This teaching platform is extremely useful for guiding you through the various Microsoft technologies.
  • Practice using the modules provided: practice makes perfect! Microsoft also lets you create an Azure account with credit available to explore the main Azure services.
  • Do your research: There are many Microsoft Azure resources available. Every service and component has its own documentation. Be sure to search for the skills measured in the exam in the specific Microsoft Docs documentation. Read it and practice using the tutorials. You can also browse books written by experts in the Microsoft Press store. Our tip: Ideally, look for books available online as these are updated more regularly.
  • Get trained by Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs): Getting help from a professional trainer is still the most effective way to prepare for your certification. At Cellenza Training, all our trainers are MCTs. All of them have had their technical and teaching skills approved by Microsoft so they can deliver the publisher’s training courses. At Cellenza Training, our trainers also have a double role of “consultant trainer.” They share their technical expertise and field experience with Azure solutions to add an extra dimension to their training.
  • Self-assess using Microsoft’s practice tests: Available online, these practice tests can help you gauge how your learning is progressing and identify areas you still need to focus on.
  • Set up a study group with friends or colleagues. As well as motivating each other, working as a group to prepare for a certification allows you to help one another and share your knowledge.


So, Ready to Nail that Certification?


Certification is crucial in ever-changing IT professions. The best way to learn is still organized training by MCTs plus revision sessions using the best method(s) for you from the mass of available resources.

Do you want to prepare for your certification? At Cellenza Training, all our trainers are consultant experts and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs). Our training courses combine theory and practice. You have access to official Microsoft learning materials, and our practical workshops remain available for 180 days after the course.



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