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For a long time, an IT project’s Build and Run phases were considered separate processes. However, times have changed, and the Run activity today looks very different. The Run phase no longer involves passively observing, maintaining, and monitoring. It has become an integral aspect of the company’s strategy. Run requires advanced technical expertise, and the Build and Run phases must be considered in tandem as contributing to the same goal. At Cellenza, our consultants are only involved in the Build phases. However, because we know how vital Run is, our experts also provide you with technical articles about the Run phase. Read them now!

Data Observability

Post co-written by Donatien Tessier and Amine Kaabachi   To quote an old advertising slogan: “Power is nothing without control!”...

Azure’s Native Run Tools

Post co-written by David Frappart (Cellenza) & Florent Hilger and Sébastien Leroy (Squadra)   With the current maturity of Cloud...
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Receive the best of Cloud, DevOps and IT news.